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Ami Avellán Jewellery was established at the end of 2013, although production started in the beginning of 2014. Avellán has a versatile background in the jewellery- and goldsmith branch. Through extensive educations and long experience she has a broad understanding of the field, from technical knowledge to more creative perspectives. The solid professional knowledge includes a vertasile understanding of jewellery art to industrial design, from blacksmithing to mechanical processing, to above all traditional gold- and silversmith working methods and there to belonging unique techniques. Her special skills are casting, etching, enamelling and engraving - and innovative combinations of these techniques – something that will be shown in Ami Avellán Jewellery’s production during the coming years.

Year 2014 marked 20 years in the line of business for Avellán – and was therefore excellent for new challenges, for instance, starting her own jewellerybusiness!


Avellán has a total of over 12 years of education in the field, including three degrees:

Metal Artisan, Ekenäs / Tammisaari, Finland, year 1999. Vocational Institute Sydväst, Crafts & Arts and Crafts, Metal Artisan Degree

Jewellery Art and Design, Gothenburg, Sweden, year 2005. School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Jewellery Design Degree

Jewellery Art, Villmanstrand / Lappeenranta and Imatra, Finland, year 2012. Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Degree Programme in Cultural Entrepreneurship, Fine Arts, Jewellery Art, Master of Culture and Arts Degree

Avellán has also worked in the jewellery- and goldsmith branch for the last 16 years. The work has contained everything from jewellery production to customer service, from reparations to piecework production, from special orders to evening courses and teaching and own artistic working. As a teacher in the goldsmith field Avellán has worked in Ekenäs / Tammisaari, in the south of Finland and in Inari in the northernmost Finland. Her workmanship Avellán has refined in Kautokeino, in the north of Norway, between 2002 and 2015. Her special skills include a diverse work with Sámi jewellery.

Artistic work

Due to her curiosity and long education in the jewellery field Avellán also works with more artistic projects. A photo from her Master thesis and a ready neckpiece is shown here on the right side. The theme was roots in a broad sense and the starting point was herbariums. A series of neckpieces where made out of several different materials, since Avellán is very fond of both drawing and exploring new materials and working methods. The neckpiece is made of casted recycled aluminium, reindeer leather, jute, paper, silk, sewing thread, acrylic paint and pvc tube.

Avellán sees no contradictions in combining her jewellery business with her artistic ambitions – nor working as a goldsmith or a teacher in the field. In fact these things are just different views of the same theme, so why should they not walk hand in hand?

“I am a collector, always hunting treasures. Materials can be found anywhere. Sometimes I transform them into silver. I like when the familiar becomes a translation with a twist"

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Please notice that Avellán gladly serves her customers fluently in Swedish, Finnish, English and Norwegian!