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Cleaning and reparations

Your jewellery is precious, valuable and well worth taking care of. I can help you to maintain your silver jewellery through cleaning and reparations - that way your jewellery will last for generations to come.

Taking care of your jewellery

Silver oxidises, meaning it reacts with the oxygen in the air, and therefore it gets dark over time. To every now and then let a professional clean your jewellery is a good idea. The maker of your jewellery has the equipment, methods and most important - the knowledge - to do that properly.

A short description of the jewellery

Ami Avellán Jewellery’s silver jewellery is made of Sterling Silver. That means 925‰ or 92,5% pure silver, that naturally do not contain nickel. The jewellery is of course made of solid silver.

Avellán has knowingly searched for a different surface texture that distinguishes itself from the traditional plain and polished one. The surface reminds a lot of very detailed traditional filigree works, where one also uses the polishing effect in a similar way. The different type of surfaces gives opportunities to other visual expressions that trigger the eye of the viewer. Technically the jewellery production process is similar to the one in general, but the result just looks unlike what one might be used to.

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