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Visit me on one of the events! With me I usually have all available jewellery, both the newest ones and try outs, so come and have a look! We will have a chance to meet and have a talk about jewellery and maybe reparations. If the event goes over a longer period of time you will find my jewellery, not me, there. Here are the events listed by the date.

Hope to meet you soon!


All events below cancelled due to Corona!

A new page is under construction, so stay tuned for updates!

Please contact me via e-mail if you want to order!



Heahtá Márjjábeaivvit * Hetan Marianpäivät

Sat 21.3. - Sun 22.3. 2020 10 am - 3pm

Enontekiö koulukeskus


99400 Enontekiö

+358 40 06 81 649 Ami

Heahtá Márjjábeaivvit

Cancelled due to Corona!

#67. Porokuninkuusajot * #67th Reindeerrace

Sat 28.3. - 29.3. 2020, 11 am ->

On the ice of Holiday Village Inari

Inarintie 26

99870 Inari

+358 40 06 81 649 Ami

#67. Porokuninkuusajot

Cancelled due to Corona!

Hyvinvointipäivä * Wellnessday

Sat 9.5.2020 12 am - 5 pm

Urheilutalo * Sportshall


99800 Ivalo

+358 40 06 81 649 Ami

Fb Hyvinvointipäivä

Cancelled due to Corona!